Pricing and Payment

Pricing and Payment

We offer all our clients options when it comes to pricing our services and payment options.

Lawyers typically measure themselves (and price their services) based upon time. However, we can often provide Fixed Fees so that you have the certainty of an agreed budget.

Fixed Fees and Milestone Pricing

Where price certainty is important, we can provide Fixed Fee or Milestone Pricing arrangements where we fix our fees for an agreed scope of work. Our goal is to ensure that you understand upfront what advice we will provide, and how much it will cost you. We then invoice you at the agreed milestones.

Time Based Pricing

Where you want to pay based on our time, or the particular type of advice warrants this approach, we invoice according to our Time Based model. We will provide you with an estimate of fees upfront and keep you regularly informed as the matter progresses in connection with the expected outcome, time frame and budget.

Payment Options

We have a range of payment options available for you depending on the nature of your matter from Pay In Advance, Pay As You Go, Deferred Payment, and Conditional Cost Agreements.

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