Internet and IT

Internet and IT

With online business growing, we can assist you with all the legal issues relating to the Internet and IT.

We provide a range of services from Website terms and conditions through to documentation for IT businesses.

The terms and conditions on your website form the contract between you and visitors and customers. Clear, precise and comprehensive website terms and conditions provide protection for businesses from claims and reassurance to visitors that they should trade with you. Our website terms and conditions apply to a variety of circumstances including:

  • Retailer of goods - ideal for most online shops through to international sellers
  • Bed and breakfast business - where reservations are accepted via website for a bed and breakfast or a boutique hotel
  • Hotel - where guests can book rooms and other services online
  • Marketplace - for websites where sellers use your website as a marketplace to sell goods to consumer or business buyers
  • Membership - for websites that provide membership services
  • News, review, information and community - for websites that provide access to digital content in return for a subscription fee

For IT businesses we provide a range of services including:

  • Software development agreements
  • Software distribution agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Leasing hardware and equipment
  • Web design agreements
  • Website hosting agreements
  • Website privacy policies

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