More Complex Estates

More Complex Estates

Some estates are more complicated than others.

We have the expertise to resolve these issues, for example:

  • Due execution - where there is a question about the proper execution of the Will
  • Plight and condition - where the Will appears damaged and creates a question as to whether the person making the Will intended to revoke it
  • Alias - where the person making the Will holds assets in various names, sometimes a subtle variation of spelling or the decision to include a middle name makes a difference
  • Appointment of agents - where the administrator lives interstate
  • Verification of translation of a Will or other document
  • Citations to accept or refuse probate or letters of administration
  • Orders for a grant of probate for an informal Will - where the person making the Will has not complied with all of the requirements for a valid Will
  • Orders for rectification of Wills - to address an error in the Will
  • Orders for a grant of probate for a copy of a Will
  • Applications for double probate
  • Renunciation of probate, letters of administration and letters of administration with the Will annexed
  • Additional assets and liabilities
  • Caveats and warnings to caveats.

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