Special Disability Trusts

Special Disability Trusts

A Special Disability Trust is a trust established for the benefit of a severely disabled person.

Amendments were to the Social Security Act in 2006 to allow Special Disability Trusts to be created to assist families to provide for the future care, accommodation and medical needs of family members with severe disabilities.

Assets held in a Special Disability Trust, provided they are below the relevant threshhold, do not count towards the beneficiary's assessable assets (for the purpose of determining the beneficiary's eligibility for a pension).

Beneficiaries are able to retain up to 100% of their Disability Support pension or other social security benefits while receiving support towards the cost of care, accommodation and medical treatment which are often not completely covered by social security payments.

An immediate family member can also transfer assets into the Special Disability Trust without having that transfer taken into account for the purpose of their own eligibility for a pension.

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