Child Support

Child Support

A child support agreement is a 'contract' between both parents which formally records payments that will be made for the children.

Child support agreements are not as common as they used to be as all separating couples must have an Child Support Agency Assessment to determine how much ongoing child support needs to be paid.

Some couples prepare their own child support agreement in conjunction with their financial agreement. These can include lump-sum payments and are not subject to the amount payable on the Child Support Agency assessment.

Child support agreements can replace, or supplement, administrative assessments made by the Child Support Agency. They can define payments (whether periodically or in a lump sum), 'in-kind' payments such as private health insurance premiums and medical costs, and payments to third parties such as school fees.

Like financial agreements, once signed these agreements are legally-binding and cannot change unless both parties agree. Neither party can ask the Family Court to change the payment if your circumstances change. Each party needs to have their own lawyer when preparing a child support agreement.

Our family lawyers are experienced in negotiating and preparing child support agreements. There are a variety of options as to the form and content of child support agreements and our lawyers can assist you with an agreement which is appropriate for your circumstances.

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