Superannuation, Disability & Insurance

Superannuation, Disability & Insurance

When you are unable to work because of injury, ill health or disability, you may have insurance through your superannuation that you can access.

Most superannuation funds provide insurance cover for Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD), Death or Income Protection. You may also be entitled to access your superannuation account balance prior to the usual retirement age if you are permanently incapacitated from work. In addition, you may have insurance cover in other policies including retail TPD and trauma policies, through your home, car or personal loans and via travel insurance.

Superannuation, Disability and Insurance compensation claims can be complicated.

Our Team has the experience in all facets of Superannuation matters such as Total and Permanent Disability claims, Disability Claims Litigation, Income Protection, Life Insurance, Accident and Trauma claims.

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