Drivers Licence Appeals

Drivers Licence Appeals

Can I keep my drivers licence?

Offences like drink driving and speed dangerous attract a minimum loss of licence and can not generally be avoided unless you are found not guilty or there is evidence your offence was a first offence and was trifling.

There are many offences which carry a mandatory loss of licence.

Even if there is a mandatory loss of licence, many traffic offences also attract demerit points. If the offence is trifling or there is other proper cause relating to the offence, then those points may be reduced in court which requires an election to be prosecuted. If you proceed in this manner then there is a court record (in contrast to a traffic infringement record).

An appeal may be available where you have accrued more than the applicable demerit points for your class of drivers licence.

If you are convicted of an offence with a mandatory loss of drivers licence then demerit points apply. If the accrual of those points exceeds the maximum you may lose your licence for a further period which generally commences at the completion of the mandatory disqualification. 

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