Will Safe

Will Safe

Store your will, powers of attorney and other documents for free to protect them from being lost, damaged or tampered with.

Rudall & Rudall have held Wills since 1854 and continue to store documents dating back to the 1800’s.  As our building was originally a bank, we offer the benefit of secure storage in a vault.  We also maintain an electronic safe as a further measure of protection.

You may store either the original or a certified copy as a backup.

If you become incapacitated or pass away it is important that others can locate your last will and proceed to carry out your wishes.

Storing your original will in a safe is the most effective way to ensure that your will is protected and only people you nominate can retrieve it.

Once your will is stored in our safe, it is vital that your family and friends are aware of its location as there is no other way for the will to be found on your death.  All information provided is kept secure and confidential.

This service is available for anybody who has prepared a will and seeks the advantages of safe custody storage for their will.

Our lawyers will discuss the issue of safe storage of your will when taking instructions to prepare your will.

If you have already prepared your will, our lawyers currently offer a review of your will for free and arrange the safe storage of your will.

Alternatively, if you do not require a free review, our legal assistants can answer all your questions about arranging for the storage of your will.

To ensure that your documents are safe and confidential and that your wishes are complied with, we have a stringent collection and identification policy.  We will only release documents to authorised persons.

For ease of collection of documents please call our office before coming in to collect, and our legal assistants will be able to advise you what documents and identification is required.

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