Where children are involved, conflict and emotions are often high.

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Where children are involved, conflict and emotions are often high.

Children are particularly vulnerable and can experience extreme stress where parents are unable to resolve conflict.

We have a team of experienced family lawyers who can help you to make complex and sensitive decisions concerning the arrangements that need to be made for the care of your children.

A parenting plan is a written agreement between parents that sets out the care arrangements for children. While parenting plans are not legally enforceable, if the case goes to court at a later date to make a parenting order, they will be considered in the process. You can also make your parenting plan into a consent order.

A parenting order is a court order about children that sets our particular responsibilities of parents and other carers. A parenting order may cover:

  • whether the parents will have shared or sole parental responsibility
  • where and with which parent the children live
  • who the children spend time and communicate with
  • any other issues relevant to the children’s care such as schooling, travel, religion or medical issues.

Parenting orders can be made through the court by “consent orders” where the parties agree or they can be made by the court after a trial or hearing. If your situation is urgent, interim parenting orders can be made by urgent application to the court.

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