Difficulty Agreeing Parenting Arrangements

Difficulty Agreeing Parenting Arrangements

It is not uncommon for separating parents to disagree on parenting arrangements.

Disputes often occur over a range of issues, including

  • the amount of time the children spend with each parent
  • the ongoing contact made by each parent
  • special occasions such as birthdays, school holidays and Christmas
  • one parent moving interstate or overseas
  • more complex cases involving domestic and family violence.

You may have previously agreed to parenting arrangements and circumstances have changed.

Sometimes grandparents and other relatives become involved in disputes involving children.

No matter what your circumstance are, it may be time to obtain independent legal advice to hep you work through the issues that you facing. Children are particularly vulnerable and can experience stress where parents are unable to resolve conflicts and it is therefore important to address these issues at the earliest opportunity available.

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