Privacy Policy

Any information that you provide to Rudall & Rudall will be maintained in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Please ensure that you read this document carefully and understand the purposes for which information provided to Rudall & Rudall may be collected, stored and used.

Rudall & Rudall reserves the right to change, remove or add additional items to this policy. Any changes will be displayed on our website in bold for a period of 28 days after which the changes will be deemed to have come into effect and to be valid and enforceable.

What information does Rudall & Rudall collect?

Rudall & Rudall may collect specific information from our clients, their related parties and the general public who access Rudall & Rudall’s website, functions or services. This information may include names, addresses, dates of birth, answers to identify verification questions, files, spread sheets, messages, written work, drawings, feedback, access and submission logs, and any information provided to us in the course of providing services. Additional information may be collected and used for internal statistical studies and market research.

How does Rudall & Rudall use personal information?

Rudall & Rudall may use personal information that you submit for other purposes relating to our business including but not limited to processing payments, generating statistical studies, conducting market research, improving our products and services, sending new surveys or notifying you of new services, legal alerts and updates, seminars and conventions or any other changes within Rudall & Rudall that may affect you. If you do not wish to receive any promotional information or legal alerts from Rudall & Rudall, please contact us by mail or email to the Privacy Officer at Rudall & Rudall (see details below).

Can you inspect the information that Rudall & Rudall holds?

You have the right to view the information that Rudall & Rudall holds about you. If you would like to access this information, please make a request to the Privacy Officer at Rudall & Rudall (see details below). Upon receiving your written request, we will notify you of the applicable administration fee for reviewing and providing your information and advise what we will need from you to verify your identity before we do so.

Does Rudall & Rudall share with third parties the information that it collects?

In certain circumstances, Rudall & Rudall may be obliged to provide personal information to third parties or government and we will disclose your personal information where required to do so by law. Rudall & Rudall reserves the right to monitor, and disclose to, government officials or law enforcement without your consent any communications and personally identifiable information whenever prompted to do so by authorities.

What is Rudall & Rudall’s commitment to data security?

Rudall & Rudall recognises concerns as to security and will use reasonable efforts to establish secure connections with you and to limit access to the databases that hold personal information to authorised personnel only.

Do Rudall & Rudall use cookies?

Rudall & Rudall’s cookies do not contain personally identifying information. Users are free to change the web browsers to prevent the acceptance of cookies.

What are Rudall & Rudall’s contact procedures?

If you would like to update your personal information or to be removed from our contact list, notify Rudall & Rudall by email, telephone, facsimile or by post. We welcome comments by you in relation to privacy issues generally or any privacy issues that concern you. You may also contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (in Australia) if you want to know more about privacy. Their website is currently

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