Rudall & Rudall have an approachable and experienced team of family lawyers. Our team deal with the process of separation on a daily basis and understand that it can be a traumatic and uncertain time in your life.

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We have a highly skilled team who utilise negotiation, alternate dispute resolution including mediation, arbitration and collaborative law to avoid court proceedings where possible.  We have the knowledge and expertise to confidently guide you through the court process where necessary.

We make you are aware of your rights and responsibilities while ensuring that you receive your fair entitlements.

Our services include:

    • Divorce;
    • Defacto and same sex relationships;
    • Property Settlements;
    • Parenting issues;
    • Child Support;
    • Financial Agreements;
    • Spousal Maintenance;
    • Surrogacy; and
    • Complex Business disputes concerning family enterprises

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Questions to Consider

Is your relationship breaking down?

You may be considering separating or have recently separated. No matter the timing, you are likely to be overwhelmed emotionally and anxious about the future.

Everybody manages the difficult experiences in their life differently. Some will talk with family, friends and other professionals such as their doctor. Others like to obtain independent and accurate advice from a family lawyer to help them work through the various issues which they face.

When separating, couples need to work out plans for the care of their children, divide their assets and address their ongoing financial arrangements.

Sometimes couples make these plans before seeing a lawyer but in many case the emotional turmoil can make negotiation very difficult.

Obtaining early legal advice gives you the knowledge to make the right decision for you and your family's future.

Are you separated and want to move on?

Whether you have recently separated or have been separated for a while, you know when it is time to resolve outstanding issues with your ex-partner and move on with your life.

Depending on your circumstances, at this point in time you are probably looking for clear and accurate legal advise to help you to promptly finalise any outstanding issues and to take control of your life.

You may be working through plans to care for the children, to divide assets, businesses, property and to make ongoing financial arrangements.

Are you beginning a new relationship?

You may have been previously married or in a de facto or same sex relationship and have recently established a new relationship.

Whatever your situation, you are likely to want to avoid any future conflict.

Many couples are "forward-thinking" and consider the option of a Financial Agreement, or what is commonly called a "pre-nuptial agreement". These agreements can potentially avoid the conflict and costs associated with disputes with a partner at some future point in time.

You may be working through plans to care for the children, to divide assets, businesses, property and to make ongoing financial arrangements.

Are you having difficulty agreeing parenting arrangements?

It is not uncommon for separating parents to disagree on parenting arrangements. Disputes often occur over a range of issues, including:

  • the amount of time the children spend with each parent
  • the ongoing contact made by each parent
  • special occasions such as birthdays, school holidays and Christmas
  • one parent moving interstate or overseas
  • more complex cases involving domestic and family violence.

You may have previously agreed to parenting arrangements and circumstances have changed.

Sometimes grandparents and other relatives become involved in disputes involving children.

No matter what your circumstance are, it may be time to obtain independent legal advice to hep you work through the issues that you facing. Children are particularly vulnerable and can experience stress where parents are unable to resolve conflicts and it is therefore important to address these issues at the earliest opportunity available.

Are you moving interstate or overseas?

There may come a time when either you or the other parent wants to move interstate or overseas.

Whatever your situation, both parents must abide by specific laws in these circumstances and it is vital that you obtain legal advice to ensure your compliance.

Laws apply to taking children on holiday, even interstate. Some of these laws are complicated.

If you are planning to move or go on  holiday, you must first make a genuine effort to reach agreement with the other parents. If you can not agree, or you need assistance in obtaining agreement, call us and we can help you work through the issue that you face.

Have you separated and are acquiring new assets?

You may have separated some time ago but are yet to address the division of assets.

Some people are separated for years before they finalise these issues while others simply can not agree, defer dealing with the issue, or find it too complicated.

Whether you have been married, been in a de facto relationship, or in a same sex relationship, property division can become more complicated when one party purchases a large asset such as a house or business after you have separated or alternatively receives an inheritance.

The law surrounding the timing of separation and the assets owned by each partner can be complex. It is important to obtain advice from an experienced family lawyer who can provide advice in these circumstances.

Are you the victim of domestic or family violence?

If you have been faced with domestic or family violence, you need to contact the police immediately to assist you with applying for a protection order.

You also need to seek legal advice to ensure your future safety and the management of the situation including the impact of those events on other family law issues and family members.

Domestic violence described physical, sexual, emotional, psychological or economical abuse, damage to property, threatening behaviour, coercive behaviour or other controlling behaviour by a person who is in a 'relevant' relationship with another. A 'relevant' relationship includes spouses, couples, relatives and carers.

Family violence under the Family Law Act means violent, threatening or other behaviour by a person that coerces or controls a member of the person's family or causes the family member to be fearful for their personal safety.

Domestic violence issues can have a dramatic impact on the management of family law issues. It is important to seek advice about such issues so that appropriate decisions can be made by you.