We provide a comprehensive range of services for developers, investors, landlords, tenants, vendors and purchasers.

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We provide a comprehensive range of services in relation to any property transaction including:

  • preparation of contracts, leases, agreements, mortgages, and other documentation through to settlement to finalise the transaction;
  • advice about the terms of a contract before it is signed or during the cooling off period;
  • advice about the establishment of the appropriate entity to acquire and/or develop a property (i.e. whose name or names should appear on the title);
  • advice about any relevant GST, capital gain, or stamp duty issues;
  • advice about any contentious issues which may arise and action to protect and enforce your rights under the contract;
  • advice about related issues, such as wills and powers of attorney, and, if required preparation of those documents for you;
  • advice about leasing of commercial, retail and industrial property;
  • advice and representation in connection with encroachment disputes;
  • advising, commencing or defending legal proceedings in relation to property disputes.

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