Domestic and Family Violence

Domestic and Family Violence

If you have been faced with domestic or family violence, you need to contact the police immediately to assist you with applying for a protection order.

You also need to seek legal advice to ensure your future safety and the management of the situation including the impact of those events on other family law issues and family members.

Domestic violence described physical, sexual, emotional, psychological or economical abuse, damage to property, threatening behaviour, coercive behaviour or other controlling behaviour by a person who is in a 'relevant' relationship with another. A 'relevant' relationship includes spouses, couples, relatives and carers.

Family violence under the Family Law Act means violent, threatening or other behaviour by a person that coerces or controls a member of the person's family or causes the family member to be fearful for their personal safety.

Domestic violence issues can have a dramatic impact on the management of family law issues. It is important to seek advice about such issues so that appropriate decisions can be made by you.

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