Top Ten Guide for Separated Parents during Covid-19

The Family Law Section has compiled these TOP TEN suggestions to help separated parents navigate this difficult time. Separated parents experience both the joys and stressors of parenting.  But additional pressures and stresses such as those associated with the Covid19 Pandemic can be hard to accommodate and provoke anxiety in… >

5 Things to know when you are separating

Everyone knows the difficulties of divorce & separation. Here are 5 things to know when you are separating. You heard about your best friend’s divorce and how horrible that was but you also heard about your family friend who had an easy separation.  It’s a confusing area to navigate because… >

Property Settlement involving Third Party Asset Holders

Generally speaking, most property settlement matters between spouses who are separating are relatively straight forward. Often the pool of assets involve a house, bank accounts, vehicles, furniture and superannuation, either owned jointly or by one or the other of them. These matters are generally easily dealt with between the… >